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"When our Dalmation, Pongo died 7 years ago, I didn't just mourn him. I mourned the fact that we had so few really good photographs of our beautiful boy to keep his spirit alive for us.  Fast forward a few years later, thru the losses of both parents as well as my beloved husband, and the immeasurable valuable of great photography's even clearer to me today.  Which is why I took the plunge & made an appointment to work with Sandro Avila of Leash Out Pet Photography within a year of adopting my wee Beagle, Peaches. I'd been eyeing his work for a couple of years, and knew from sample photo's he posted & comments by happy clients, that his work was special. And I wanted special...  Special is EXACTLY what I got, which is pretty spectacular considering I had concerns. Not about Sandro but about Peaches.  As a rescue who spent her first few years of life fending for herself (and a litter of pups!), Peaches is a bit tricky to handle sometimes. And as a Beagle whose nose-to-the-ground hunter's instinct can compound things, I was concerned she'd be difficult to photograph.  Not in Sandro's loving & expert hands...  Right off the bat, she fell in love with him, following where he led - and led he did, with a gentle, respectful & patient hand.  And the magic he captured that day means my girl's multi-faceted spirit will always be with me.  Her on alert. Her on the hunt. Her on the run. Her being mischievous. Her grinning ear to floppy ear. Her licking her chops. Her eyes full of love...  Her. Bold. Beautiful. Her.  I'm so very, very glad I decided to work with Sandro. He's got an incredibly gifted eye, a real sense of magic, and a dog lovers heart. If you want your fur-baby's spirit captured for all time, so who they are and all they mean to you is with you always, you can't go wrong hiring Sandro. In fact, it'll be one of the best investments you'll ever make."

Lissa B.
Toronto, ON
"My first thought when I saw the pictures that Sandro took was "he has truly captured my dog's soul". I was completely blown away. I work with dogs professionally, so I've seen A LOT of professional pictures of dogs, and never have I seen a dog's personality captured so well in pictures. He gave us a gift in those photos that will last the rest of our lives - something we could never have done ourselves (even with our own high end DSLR camera). I never expected they would draw out so much emotion!! Furthermore, not only was the shoot itself done flawlessly and with incredible patience, but Sandro was awesome to deal with afterwards. It's not easy to go through all the amazing pictures he took and choose the ones you want to keep, or have blown up, and he was so kind and easy to work with throughout that process. The end products were clearly high-end, and we were incredibly pleased. There's no doubt in my mind that Sandro will always be our professional photographer!!!"
Erica G.
Oakville, ON
"This testimonial is long overdue, but you know what my family and I have been through in the last few months, dealing with the devastating diagnosis that Rosko was given. Even though Rosko looks really healthy, and we are hoping and praying that his cancer is in remission and he will live many more happy and healthy years with us, there is always the possibility that the cancer will ultimately take him from us too soon. That’s why our photo album, canvass and picture disc mean so much to us. You captured so many personality traits in the photos you took. When we look at our photo album, we don’t just see pictures, we ‘see’ Rosko. We see a happy, healthy and loving member of our family. We were immediately impressed that you so easily connected with Rosko when you met him. You put him and us at ease, and made the photo shoot a truly enjoyable experience. The finished products are just stunning, and will be treasured always. No matter how long God gives us with our sweet Rosko, we will always be able to look up on our living room wall, or at the beautiful leather-bound photo album, and see our boy full of life and attitude! That is a gift that is priceless, and we thank you for that. I see your business is booming and you have many happy clients. I just ask you to always remember the passion you have now, and don’t lose that as your business grows. Your animal clients will always reflect your passion, that is why your photos are so spectacular. Keep loving your chosen career path, keep loving those beautiful creatures you capture in pictures, and keep thanking God for your talent."
Joanne S.
Acton, ON
toronto dog photographer
toronto dog photographer
"My husband and I take countless photos of our two Maltipoos: at the beach, in the bathtub, in a pile of leaves, with their noses poking out of the car window, the list goes on… Despite the overwhelming number of amateur shots of our dogs scattered throughout our home, I have always wanted to have professional portraits taken of Nietzsche and Twiggy. So, when I spotted a photo session with Sandro during a charity auction I knew I had to have it. Working with Sandro was a breeze from start to finish. Even though most of the photos on his website feature pets in natural settings when I told him I wanted “urban chic” for my dogs he knew right away what I meant. He suggested a number of locations and worked around my schedule to book the session. Sandro’s love of animals really came through during the session. He was incredibly patient with both of my dogs – and with their nervous mom – leading us from one punchy backdrop to the next. The resulting photos were even better than I had hoped. The composition, bold colours and graphic scenery perfectly reflected the “urban chic” feel that I wanted. Not only that, he managed to bring out and capture the unique personalities of both dogs, despite the many distractions of a downtown location. The finished products are amazing – well worth the investment for both their artistic impact and their sentimental value. I highly recommend Leash Out Pet Photography to anyone looking for a unique and fun way to immortalize their furry kids."
Alix K.
"Have done a few photo shoots of my dog Jazz with Sandro and cannot say enough great things about him! Very friendly, professional and knows exactly how to capture that moment.  He has gone above and beyond with the final product as well... so above and beyond that I usually want to have all the pics he's taken!  For the best pet photography, look no further!"
Efren C.
Milton, ON
"My dog and I used Sandro as our photographer for a fall photo shoot for our holiday cards! He really captured a side of Lenny that isn't easy to see! My rescue dog looked confident and handsome and put all his trust in Sandro for such an intimate mini photo shoot. Our photos turned out great and I can't wait until the Summer for our next shoot! Thanks so much Leash Out!!"
Amanda W.
Guelph, ON

"Sandro is one of the most loving people that I have ever met. He knows how to bring out the best in a dog for that "to die for" photo! He has taken one session with James and even in the dreadful heat we got some AMAZING pictures! We are doing the "O Canada" and I look forward to the fall session when Sandro will see James come alive with the cooler weather. Book and you will NOT be disappointed!!"

Virginia O.
St. Catharines, ON
"I've met Sandro a number of times over the years at various doggy events being a pet professional myself and I had always greatly admired his beautiful work. But always thought to myself, I don't "need" this. That was until my dog was diagnosed with cancer with and average life span from diagnosis of 6 months. As the 6 month mark approached I was faced with the possibility that I may not have much time left with this wonderful dog I had spent the last 10 years. Around this time I saw Sandro at another event and I decided that now was the time to get her photos done. I explained her situation to Sandro and he was amazing right from the start, he made sure to get us a date for the shoot quickly as no one knew how long she would have with us. He was amazing at suggesting locations for the shoot and even moved the time back as it was summer and he didn't want it to be too hot for her. Although the focus of our shoot was the dog Sandro was happy to accommodate our wish to take a few photos of us humans with her. When we got the gallery we were blown away with how amazing all the images were an had a difficult time choosing. Sandro made that easy too, asking all the right questions to get us to see what products would be best for us. When our products arrived our canvas had an error, which Sandro was quick to point out and would not let us have as less than perfect work and quickly ordered a replacement. Our entire experience with Leash Out Pet Photography has been amazing, and we will definitely be back in the future!"
Tara R.
Burlington, ON
"I won my photo shoot through a promotion that Leash Out Pet Photography had going on at the Milton Mutt Strut this year. I was/am so thankful to Sandro for that amazing prize. As my "old lady" Coco (11 yo boxer) ages, this photo shoot would be the perfect way to capture her presence and memory in a way that I could cherish forever.  Sandro was extremely patient! Coco is deaf, nearly blind, doesn't have interest in toys and doesn't do well off leash. Because of this I was worried we wouldn't be able to get the good shots that truly reflected who she is. Not only was Sandro was patient and understanding the entire time, he also has an excellent knowledge and knack for working with dogs. I was blown away with how the images turned out and that he actually managed to capture Coco in the way I had imagined. The only hard part about this entire experience was trying to choose which photos I liked best! They were all incredible. Now I have a beautiful canvas of my old lady Coco hanging on the wall and it is just stunning! Nothing I could ever replicate and I will cherish it forever. Thank you to Sandro for being amazing and awarding me with this gift. + some slobbery kisses from Coco!"
Desiree M.
Hamilton, ON
toronto pet photographer
"Shortly after my Great Dane, Sydney, was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I came across Sandro and the Leash Out booth at an event. I was interested in having a portrait done of Sydney, and I immediately liked Sandro’s photographic style and kind demeanour. We booked a session right away, and I warned Sandro that Sydney was very shy and she would not likely warm up to him. That was not the case at all though, and she even took treats from him, which was something she simply never did. We had a great session on a beautiful winter day, accompanied by my little poodle, Banner. Sandro was professional, personable and fun.  My dogs were relaxed, and we had a blast. Now that Sydney is gone, the pictures from that day give me great comfort.  In contrast to studio portraits I’ve had done in the past, they are natural and her expression and stances are real.  My family and I will treasure them."
Laura D.
Markham, ON
"Working with Sandro was a great experience for us and our dogs. He made it easy and fun and chose a great setting for our photos. He captured the perfect expressions on the dogs faces that say 1000 words; beautiful and candid photographs. We have two toy poodles and you could tell they were having a blast running around with Sandro and getting their picture taken. Our 3 month old puppy was fairly nervous of people at that time, but not with Sandro. She was literally walking all over him and couldn’t get enough attention! These photos gave us wonderful memories of our beloved pets that we can keep for a lifetime. You won’t be disappointed when you choose Leash Out Photography, Sandro is a true professional!"
Katelyn F.
Burlington, ON
burlington dog photographer
"I don't know where to start. I originally contacted Sandro through a friend of mine who had her senior dog photographed, and fell in love with the moments he captured with their dog. As my dog hit 5 months old I booked a session with Sandro, and absolutely felt comfortable with him right from the get-go. I wanted my dog photographed and not me, (at the beginning) but Sandro caught a couple moments with me in the picture and I'm so glad he did. I actually purchased one with me in it and it remains framed in my dining room! He captured beautiful moments with my dog that I could never imagine doing with anyone else. I also attended a mini session in the latter part of the year, and he just has this ability to snap his shot without you even knowing it! He makes the shoot fun, and as if he's not even there! These are moments I will have for the rest of my days with my dog and he was by far the best photographer I've been around!"
Jennifer S.
Milton, ON
"Sandro photographed our dog in the Fall and we are extremely happy with the results. He was professional and exceeded our expectations on the quality and care he took. The photos turned out amazing and we are so happy to have these memories for a lifetime. We will be getting our other dogs photographed with him soon!  I highly recommend him."
Lara M.
Stoney Creek, ON
"Sandro is an amazing photographer who truly cares for his craft and his clients (both human and furry:). I cannot say enough how easy this process seemed for me and the results were beyond words!"
Lisa W.
Mississauga, ON
"I contacted Sandro to take photos of my 2 huskies when we learned one of them was diagnosed with cancer and had a couple months left with us. Not only was Sandro super compassionate, understanding and easy to work with, he also made sure to book us in right away.   Sandro not only was a photographer, he spent time giving us advice as his previous dog had gone through a similar thing. He checked in regularly to see how she was doing after the shoot and you could tell he truly cares.   I met Sandro working at the Oakville Milton Humane Society. He is a volunteer dog walker there. I can't think of giving my business to someone more deserving then Sandro. The pictures and album we received were beautiful."
Jennifer B.
Hamilton, ON
"I have seen Sandro's work for the past couple years through photos of adoptable dogs from the Oakville Milton Humane Society as well as photos from his Facebook website. He had also photographed our friend's dog for their wedding gift. I have heard such great things and read many great comments/reviews. He met myself and my boxer-lab mix Reese in Lowville Park and was so great with her, he captured so many amazing shots and knew how to get her . He was very pleasant to work with, and it is evident that he is so passionate for dogs, and loves what he does. I would recommend anyone to him in a heartbeat!"
Christina M.
Milton, ON
"Sandro is a pleasure to work with. He has a natural ability behind the lens and a way with animals that make them instantly adore him!  His love of his job shows in his work!"
Jennifer D.
Milton, ON
"Sandro, Owner of Leash Out Pet Photography, was a pleasure to work with from the moment we emailed him for information. His fast and friendly communication, along with a body of work that speaks (or barks) for itself, it was an easy decision to have our family photo shoot captured by Sandro. When we initially wanted to have our shoot done with our furbaby Winston, we had no idea that Winston was going to be a big brother. When we found out we were pregnant, Sandro was so accommodating and allowed us to delay our shoot so that we could combine it to a family/maternity shoot. He went a step further and moved the date of our photo shoot once we realized that our son could be making an early appearance. What sealed the deal is that our VERY SHY dog was so responsive to Sandro and he was able to capture Winston's personality so easily. From start to finish, Sandro was friendly, professional, and an excellent photographer. We have canvas photos on our wall that we love looking at everyday.  You won't be disappointed using Sandro of Leash Out!"
Denise A.
Oakville, ON
"Sandro is by far the best pet photographer out there! We booked a last minute family session with him in the fall with our fur baby Lexi. Lexi is very photogenic, but we were unsure how she would sit still for poses. From the moment we met Sandro, we instantly saw his love and passion for dogs! He came fully equipped with treats, so Lexi was a happy girl! Throughout our photo shoot, Sandro asked us not to worry about Lexi and making her look straight ahead; he would make loud noises to get her attention to look at the camera. At first, never having photos with her taken, I was unsure how they would turn out, but WOW does he ever have the magic touch! Lexi is smiling ear to ear and starring right into the camera for all of the pictures! It was absolutely amazing! We could not be happier with our family pictures and would HIGHLY recommend Sandro to any family looking to have precious memories of their fur babies captured for a life time!!  Thank you Sandro!!!!"
Jennifer S.
Guelph, ON
"We have had the pleasure of working with Leash Out several times and we have Sandro's photographs of our family all around our home.  His love for animals and patience with their humans is outstanding. His talent as a photographer speaks for itself in his work and the moments and magic he captures. We will continue to have our Christmas cards done with him for as long as we have pets and he is willing."
Karah H.
Oakville, ON
"We are thrilled with our products and experience dealing with Leash Out!!  Sandro was amazing with our dogs, a true professional and our dogs loved him. That says enough! 🙂"
Kelly D.
Orangeville, ON
orangeville dog photographer
guelph dog photographer
"My experience with Leash Out Pet Photography was great, my dog isn’t comfortable with unfamiliar dogs and both Sandro and his wife Sandra helped create such a positive experience around our session that I felt safe and confident at all times. Our photos were truly amazing and absolutely captured my gals personality leaving me with memories in the form of art work.  I also had the pleasure of having Sandro photograph by dear friends’ dog as a wedding gift. His patience and flexibility helped to capture just the right shot that resulted in a beautiful end result. The hardest part was trying to pick out just a few pictures. From start to finish we enjoyed working with Leash Out Pet Photography and would highly recommend this business."
Melissa R.
Guelph, ON
"It was a pleasure working with Sandro. I had a lot of fun during the shoots of both my dog and horse. He was very professional and so good with Dallas and Silver. I am so happy with the canvasses and photos, in both quality of material and the artistic content of the shots. Sandro was able to capture some amazing poses that will be lasting memories for our family that will we will be able to treasure for a very long time! Thank you for a great experience."
Nancy D.
Mississauga, ON
mississauga horse photographer
oakville dog photographer
"I booked a photo shoot with Leash Out last spring. My dog is getting older and I wanted great photos of her while she's still active. I met with Sandro and his lovely assistant Sandra at a beautiful location where we had many options to get shots in water, trees,  field, and on a very pretty bridge. We got shots in all locations and they turned out fantastic! My dog is a nervous dog and is worried about strange sounds (like clicking of professional cameras). Sandro was prepared and took his time with her until she was actually excited to have her photo taken! He worked with what motivated her so he captured her in her element. She can be so serious at times and is anxious but when she's in her element she can be such a goof and he was able to gently coax that out of her and capture it to be cherished. The photos he took are hanging on my wall, are the screensaver on my computer, and I love looking at them every single day. I was so glad that the experience was tons of fun for my family, but also stress-free for my dog. She had a blast and I bet she looks forward to her next photo shoot.
The photos were touched up impeccably (removing the leash, etc) and I love the final product. I had them in my hands very quickly too, I didn't feel like I had to wait very long to get them."
Heather S.
Oakville, ON
"Sandro is the dog whisperer. I had him do a photo shoot with my dogs and the pictures are breathtaking. He captured their spirit and personality perfectly. We are so pleased with the prints. We have them hanging around our home and every time I enter a room they make me smile. I am already planning another session in another season for some variety!!"
Kathi A.
Milton, ON
toronto dog photographer
toronto dog photographer
"I cannot even put into words how thankful I was to come across Sandro's page. Our family dog Buddy, a 12 year old Corgi was coming near the end of his life when I met with Sandro. I messaged many photographers and did not "click" with any like Sandro, he expressed how sorry he was and how he was happy to help taking pictures of Buddy as soon as possible. I met with Sandro in Toronto and Buddy took him so quickly (The liver treats may have helped). Sandro was so amazing with him, made sure that he was comfortable, it was clear right off the bat that Sandro is not in this profession for money, he is in it for genuine reasons, by the end of the photo shoot buddy was tired so we ended the shoot, I could have stayed there all day with Sandro, so easy to talk to and so personable. I have already told Sandro in the Spring I will be contacting him to get pictures done of my other dogs. Buddy passed away today, the day we had with Sandro was one of his last day and one of his best days he has had in a while. The pictures that Sandro has sent me this far have been nothing short of amazing, they captured his personality and his old soul. From the bottom of my heart thank you Sandro - for giving us these pictures of Buddy that we can cherish for a lifetime, I would not take back the time that we took taking the pictures for anything. Thank you for doing what you do.  To anyone out there who is looking to get pictures of their dog's done geriatric or not, Sandro is the MAN, you will not be disappointed."
Jaclyn Q.
Toronto, ON
"We are very happy with our canvas. Sandro was patient with Bella, our Maltese. She is very shy around people she does not know. Sandro was able to make her look so cute in her pictures. He offered many suggestions when picking our picture. There was absolutely no pressure, we didn't feel like there was a sales pitch. We have received many compliments about our canvas. We have recommended him to friends. Sandro truly loves what he does and it shows in his work."
Jackie C.
Brampton, ON
brampton dog photographer
burlington dog photographer
"We couldn't be happier with our pictures from Leash Out Pet Photography.  We have two handsome Weimaraners and wanted to get some quality pictures of them while they are still healthy and youthful.  The only problem we had was there was too many great shots to choose from!   The pictures turned out beautiful and we love having the canvases and prints in our home and see their smiling faces everyday.  One of our friends loved them so much he got pictures taken of his dog as well.  It's been a wonderful keepsake and we plan on having another shoot in the future and ordering more."
Joanne F.
Burlington, ON
"Sandro was wonderful for our Wendy's photo shoot! We were not sure how she would react because she is a rescue and she is nervous meeting new friends. We had a wonderful time and Wendy had no issues working with Sandro who is very experienced perfectionist. We would definitely recommend! Thanks Sandro"
Antonio G.
Milton, ON
toronto dog photographer
hamilton dog photographer
"I have done a couple of shoots with Sandro at Leash Out now. He is so relaxed and professional. The shots he was about to capture of my dog showcase his personality on every level. He offers so many high end products too, the hardest part is choosing your favourite shots! Choose Leash Out and I promise you won't be disappointed!"
Alyssa P.
Hamilton, ON
"I admired Sandro as a photographer before I was ever photographed by him myself. I have seen so much of his work and have been blown away every time. I was so excited when I finally booked a shoot for Silver and I. He was enthusiastic to begin also and never fails to give her lots of affection - she LOVES him. The session felt so effortless that it actually made me worry about how the pictures would look, but they definitely turned about better than I could have ever imagined. As a doggie momma who has taken way too many (is there even such thing?) photos of her pup, I am always challenged by getting Silver's ears up in pictures. Sandro did this with ease and I am so incredibly happy with the result. Sandro is so easy to be around and to talk with and this makes for a comfortable session (very important!). It was a fun session and the photos he presented me with surpassed what I envisioned. I am forever thankful and will always cherish these memories and photographs."
Nikki B.
Milton, ON
milton dog photographer
milton dog photogapher
"Sandro Avila and Leash Out Pet Photography are beyond excellence. Sandro makes sure the photos are of the highest quality. We had this company complete a photo shoot for my 2 boys Crosby & Stanley and he was able to take photos that I never thought were possible. Capturing images with dogs is not an easy task. The real work goes in the editing where the leashes are removed from the photos making them all appear natural. Sandro goes over all of your photo options and explains everything before you begin. Nothing is left to chance. All we can say is thank you Sandro and Leash Out Pet Photography for capturing the images of all of us."
Angelo P.
Milton, ON
"I bought a session with Sandro of Leash Out Photography through a Boxer Rescue Ontario auction. First off, Sandro was very flexible with the scheduling of the session. I actually wanted the shoot for my sister’s dog, Hermes. It was tough coordinating our schedules but we made it work and Sandro was very patient while we sorted our availability out. We also had no idea where it would be a good place for the photo shoot so we asked Sandro for his opinion. He did not hesitate to give a suggestion and was confident it would be a good place given the season (spring-ish). Not only was the location beautiful, Sandro knew all the right spots where it would be perfect for photos. Throughout the entire process, Sandro was extremely friendly and we (including Hermes!) did not feel pressured at all to do anything we weren’t able to. If Hermes wasn’t up to standing/sitting/going somewhere for a photo, we gave it a try then easily moved on to another spot or tried another pose. At the consultation afterwards it was the same thing. Sandro showed us all the products but did not make us feel like we had to order a lot and he did not try to upsell anything to us. He gave us the time that we needed to choose and gave his input when we were a bit undecided. He stood behind all the products and assured us that he would edit the photos to bring out their best quality. Sandro certainly did not disappoint!! All the prints turned out amazing and most of them have been framed or put up already! I love that Sandro donates his time and expertise to such a great cause. We had a blast each step of the way and we are ecstatic with the final products. Thank you Sandro and Leash Out Photography"
Benita Y.
Mississauga, ON
mississauga dog photographer
hamilton cat photographer
"I contacted Leash Out Pet Photography, for photos of my kitty, through a recommendation from a friend.  Sandro was very professional, and worked well with my cat, to keep his attention and get many beautiful shots. I ordered a beautiful canvas, which I love. I am very happy with the quality of the photos and the prints I purchased."
Jennifer M.
Hamilton, ON
"I hired Sandro to do my pet photos after I heard he was doing the photography for the "Cats of Oakville" book in conjunction with the Oakville Milton Humane Society - all for charity. I was thrilled with his service. He was flexible to come over whenever it was convenient for me. He brought toys and cat treats for my babies, and gave them tons of love even before he started the pictures, and then continued throughout the sessions. I have Siamese babies, and he was very patient with my older cat, very friendly with my skittish cat, and didn't get annoyed when my diva cat tried to take the lead in all the pictures! He spent hours with them, and made me feel special for having them.
I had a lot of requests, and was quite indecisive, yet he was very friendly and patient throughout the time I spent picking what I wanted. In fact, he even went above and took on extra jobs (like a few collages for me using my own pictures plus his own) that he doesn't usually do. All in all, I would recommend him to anyone and when I redo my photos in a few years, I hope he's still as available and as sweet as he was this past time."
Jacquie M.
Oakville, ON
oakville cat photographer

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